Safeguard Macau in the Latest Wave of Pandemic
Amid the challenging time of the latest wave of pandemic, MGM adheres its role as a responsible corporate citizen and continues live out its Golden Lion caring spirit to help safeguarding the city – by devoting its undivided support to the Macau SAR government's anti-pandemic endeavors and the local community.

The Company has put the Grand Ballroom of MGM MACAU into testing stations for public, serving the city throughout the rounds of citywide testing schemes. The volunteering team also took the lead to assist the operation of the station, who also volunteered at various NAT stations across the city for people in need.
Imparting the Spirit of Craftsmanship with “Craftsmanship Series: Young Craftsman Workshop"
To impart the spirit of craftsmanship to the younger generation, MGM partners with Guangdong Federation of Trade Union and Macau Federation of Trade Union to launch the Community Outreach Program – "Craftsmanship Series: Young Craftsman Workshop", which is supported by Education and Youth Development Bureau and Macau Youth Federation. Earlier, 210 Primary Six students from Pui Ching Middle School participated at the Seac Pai Wan Vocational and Technical Education Activities Center. Facilitated by MGM Team members, through engaging workshops, participants enriched their understanding in the various fields including Chinese Tea Ritual, Western Dining Table Set up & Guerdon Service, Mocktail Mixology & Garnish preparation.
“Golden Lion Tour” to Celebrate 130th Anniversary of Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society
In celebration of the 130th anniversary of Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society (Tung Sin Tong), MGM has organized an exclusive “Golden Lion Tour”, a sumptuous one-day sightseeing tour of MGM COTAI and Macau, making great moments and extend care to 100 seniors from two of Tung Sin Tong’s elderly care centers. Accompanied by 50 Golden Lion Volunteer Team members, the elderly group toured around the city and watched the “Macao: Back to Common Roots Narrative Film”.
Celebratory Events for May Fourth Youth Day
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Youth League of China and commemorate the 103rd anniversary of "May Fourth Movement", MGM organized the “Celebration of China’s May Fourth Youth Day — Macau Youth’s Development in Greater Bay Area Symposium & ‘Macao: Back to Common Roots Narrative Film’”. The event saw outstanding local business representatives sharing their insights and experience over the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) with more than 200 members from over 20 local youth groups and MGM team members. The series of events are intended to promote the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and Nationalism among local youth.
MGM Donates to Holy House of Mercy for Ten Consecutive Years
MGM donated MOP300,000 to the Macau Holy House of Mercy’s Welfare Shop project for the 10th consecutive year — in a bid to fund the distribution of food hampers to nearly 400 local households in need. To date, MGM has donated an aggregate of MOP3 million to the project
Guangdong-Macao Floral Competition and Won the 2nd Runner-up
MGM was invited to attend the Celebration of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China - "Flowers and Poems" competition co-hosted by the Zhuhai Federation of Trade Unions and the Guangdong Office of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions. MGM’s floral arrangement work, themed "Connecting Hearts and Hands”, used lotus, a symbol of Macau, as the centerpiece, alongside Zhuhai’s city flower bougainvillea to bring forth the intimate connections between the two neighboring cities. The thoughtfully crafted piece also demonstrates the charm characteristics of women in the new era, which has been ranked the top three among the participating teams, becoming the highest award from the winning contestant from Macau.
MGM Dragon Boat Team Achieves Greatness Once Again
MGM Dragon Boat Team once again achieved greatness at the Macao International Dragon Boat Races 2022. With its exceptional capability and perseverance, the Golden Lion Team has won second runner-up in the Macao Standard Dragon Boat Race – Open Category – 500m by completing the race in 2 minutes 2 seconds.
Harvests 9 Highest Awards in Vocational Skills Competition
The Golden Lion Team has attained a record-breaking achievement of winning nine distinguished honors, which are the highest in their categories, in the 4th Macao Integrated Tourism and Leisure Enterprises Vocational Skills Competition. A total of 23 talented team members, with MGM’s proud craftsmanship spirit and remarkable skill, have once again achieved greatness.
Parental Education Training Series to Promote Family Harmony
Earlier this year, MGM and the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) have signed the “Letter of Intent on Cooperation in Parental Education” — which ushers in a series of parenting education programs for MGM team members, promoting parenting education, enhancing the positive parent-child relationship. Recommended by DSEDJ, the first training session of the series invited representatives from Sheng Kung Hui Taipa Youth and Family Integrated Service Centre to share communication techniques on how to nurture children’s resilience when they encounter setbacks and help them get through failure positively and courageously.
National Security Education Exhibition Visits for Team Members
As a part of the Company’s patriotic education program, MGM arranged visits to the National Security Education Exhibition for team members for the fourth consecutive year, which was co-organized by the Macau SAR Government and the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR. At the same time, MGM brought in dedicated online learning material and internal communication on the content of the Exhibition to ensure the entire Golden Lion team can deepen their knowledge and proactively take up the responsibility to safeguard national security.
Garners Seven Five-Star Awards from Forbes Travel Guide
MGM has harvested a total of seven Forbes Travel Guide’s Five-Star Awards for 2022. On top of attaining Forbes Travel Guide’s Five-Star recognitions for MGM MACAU and the spa concept Tria at both MGM MACAU and MGM COTAI for the seventh and third consecutive year respectively, this year the Company has garnered four new Five-Star Awards between both properties: the Emerald Tower, the Skylofts and Sichuanese restaurant Five Foot Road at MGM COTAI, and Cantonese restaurant Imperial Court at MGM MACAU.
Wins Bronze for “Asia’s Best Sustainability Report 2021”
Proud to be a pioneer of green enterprise in the Greater Bay Area, MGM has achieved another milestone by winning the Bronze prize for “Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (First Time)” at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA) 2021. To date, MGM is Macau’s first and only entity to receive an award by ASRA, one of the world’s most prestigious awards honoring distinguished sustainability reporting.
MGM SME Business Matching - Young Entrepreneur Session
MGM collaborated with Macao Chamber of Commerce (MCC) and 12 local youth associations to co-organize “MGM SME Business Matching - Young Entrepreneur Session”, with the support of the Economic and Technological Development Bureau, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center. The event marks the 10th business matching session hosted by MGM and its 8th collaboration with MCC. During the event, representatives of SMEs showcased their products and services to MGM’s respective departments one-on-one, effectively increasing the collaboration opportunities. Besides, MGM signed two cooperation agreements with two local SMEs on the same day, demonstrating MGM’s pragmatic approaches to supporting local SMEs.
MGM and MYEIC Team Visit Young Entrepreneurs to Optimize Business Models with Professional Insights
The second edition of “MGM x MYEIC Young Entrepreneur Nurturing Program”, co-organized by MGM, Parafuturo de Macau and Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre (MYEIC) introduced a new project series, namely the “Pulse-Checking for Young Entrepreneurs”. Aimed to help young entrepreneurs to seek breakthroughs in their businesses, this new project is set to provide targeting solutions through mentoring visits. Earlier, a group of mentors of the Program, comprised of management team members of both MGM and MYEIC, visited three of the participating businesses. The mentors provided their professional insights and support to the young entrepreneurs, after getting to know the challenges each of their businesses currently faces.
Large-scale Multimedia Landscape Installation A Metamorphosis: No End to End
Aspired to rejuvenate Chinese arts and culture, this summer MGM once again joins hands with internationally acclaimed cross-media artist Jennifer Wen Ma to present a new, sublimated large-scale immersive sculptural landscape installation, A Landscape of Metamorphosis: No End to End, at MGM COTAI. Originating from the topos of Chinese ink painting, this latest addition of MGM Chairman’s Collection is an ever-altering 3D Shan Shui installation - Taking inspiration from traditional art forms, philosophies, aesthetic theories, and practices, such as Literati landscape painting, classical garden design, and the Book of Rites, Jennifer Wen Ma fuses them with cutting edge technologies, which invites audiences to immerse into and be part of the art piece.