Attains PATA Awards Once Again
MGM China has attained the Gold Award in the Youth Empowerment Initiative Category in Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards 2021. Being recognized by PATA for the third time, right after the Company received the Grand Award in the Human Capital Development Category in 2020 and Gold Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility Category in 2018, this year MGM is adding another great achievement to its tally that truly recognizes its endeavor in paving an aspiring path to success for the next generation and supporting youth development.
Named “Best Meeting & Conventions Hotel in Macau” for the Second Year
MGM COTAI was named the “Best Meeting & Conventions Hotel in Macau” award for two consecutive years at the 14th TTG China Travel Awards. Since its opening in 2018, MGM COTAI have been providing various innovative meeting and convention solutions to its guests by deploying the state-of-the-art technologies of our facilities; alongside the team’s extensive experience in hosting such conferences and events for heads of state, which has been widely recognized by industry peers.
Received Three Gold Trophies in Stevie Awards
MGM’s excellence in Human Resources practice is well recognized by renowned international and regional organizations. The Company has harvested three gold trophies from Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, in categories of Learning & Development Strategy, Workplace Wellbeing and Compensation Design respectively.
Golden Lion Volunteer Team Provided Support to City-wide NAT Scheme
To support Macau SAR government’s city-wide NAT scheme, MGM sent its Golden Lion Volunteer Team to assist and provide guidance for elderly, children and people with needs at the Mong-Ha Sports Centre testing station. The Team have also prepared patio umbrellas for the NAT Station at Macao Federation of Trade Unions Workers Stadium for people queuing for the test.
Donating 50,000 Children Masks to Local Students
With the aim of protecting children from the virus and prepare them for the new school year ahead, MGM donated 50,000 children masks to local charity organizations and schools, including Caritas Macau, Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Escola de S. José de Ká-Hó and Concordia School for Special Education, in which they helped to distribute the masks to children in need.
Organized “The MGM Experience” for 10 Consecutive Years
MGM organized its annual summer program, “The MGM Experience” for the 10th year, offering 100 local teenagers hands-on work experience at an integrated resort and volunteering work at community associations during their summer holidays. The teenagers worked at various hotel departments to try out different kinds of work positions, as well as to experience MGM’s caring culture with the Golden Lion Volunteer team.
Introduces New Dementia Care Program to the Community
MGM launched its brand new “MGM Dementia Care Program”, in collaboration with Caritas Macau and various local community associations. The Program includes organizing local tours for elderly diagnosed with dementia, their family members and caregivers, as well as compilating a dementia guidebook and other community activities to provide the support they need. The objective of the program is to raise public awareness and acceptance towards the patients.
Donated MOP 10 Million to Aid Zhengzhou Flood Relief Efforts
The rarely seen, calamitous flooding has caused severe damage to Zhengzhou at Henan Province. MGM China Holdings Limited has made a MOP 10 million donation, in coordination with the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macau, to aid the city of Zhengzhou’s flood relief efforts and to support its post-disaster restoration.
Vending Machine Promoting Macau Products to GBA
MGM collaborates with the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau to launch vending machines in the Greater Bay Area, promoting and selling Macau’s creative industry products, souvenirs, and products of Portuguese speaking countries. The program aims to help local SMEs establish brand new sales and promotional channels, as well as expanding their business in the Greater Bay Area.

A product selection session took place earlier, where 27 local SMEs participated to present over 250 products to a panel. The vending machine will first debut its operations at Huangpu district in Guangzhou.
Helped Young Entrepreneurs Understand Supply Chain of Large Enterprises
The “MYEIC x MGM Young Entrepreneur Nurturing Program”, an incubation scheme co-organized by Parafuturo de Macau (PFM Macau), Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre (MYEIC) and MGM, held the seventh session of the program. Keynote speaker of the session, Simon Leong, Executive Director of Purchasing of MGM, introduced the purchasing standards, procedures and guidelines with the 40 participating young entrepreneurs. He also shared his insights on the purchasing trends of large enterprises, and encouraged them to get an in-depth understanding on the needs of their targeted enterprises and succeed with flexibility and innovation.
Team Members
Craftsmanship Training Series to Promote Talent Development in Lingnan Culinary
MGM joined hands with the Guangdong Federation of Trade Union and Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) last year to start a brand-new vocational training program, the ‘Fostering & Nurturing of Great Craftsmanship in Greater Bay Area (Macao)’, which was set to distill the craftmanship spirit into the training of local residents and its own employees. The three organizers extended the training to the “Best of Lingnan Culinary Series” this year, which featured an array of events that focus on the culture of Lingnan cuisine, including sharing sessions and family-friendly cooking workshops hosted by experienced chefs. The series enabled team members of Food and Beverage Department and other relevant departments, as well as Macau citizens, to appreciate the craftmanship spirit that is intrinsic to Lingnan culture and to leverage gastronomy as a mean to tell the great story of the culture.
Join Hands with DSAL Again in Launching Professional Workforce Development Series
MGM collaborated with the Macau Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) again to launch the “Professional Workforce Development Series” for its team members. Categorized into three divisions, namely “Occupational Quality Training”, “Professional Certification” and “Career Development Program”, these series will offer professional trainings for an estimate of over 7,000 MGM team members.
Co-organized “Talent Development of Hotel Industry in Greater Bay Area” Symposium with Macau Hotel Association
MGM joined hands with Macau Hotel Association (MHA) to host the “Talent Development of Hotel Industry in Greater Bay Area” symposium at the 9th Macao International Travel Expo (MITE). Scholars and industry leaders from Macau and the GBA, including Francis Tan, Vice President of Learning & Talent Management of MGM, were invited to share their insights on the talent development situations and trends of the hotel industry in the region with over 120 participants.
Special Exhibition “Awakening” and Greater Bay Area Art Symposium for “Art Macao”
To support the proud return of the large-scale international cultural and artistic event, “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021”, MGM has curated the Special Exhibition “Awakening”, which exhibited artworks taking the imagery of MGM and the lion motif as the theme alongside the cultural significance of the “waking lion” from Cantonese Lingnan tradition; and organized the “Greater Bay Area Art Symposium - Contemporary Dialogues of Chinese Culture Awakening”. These happenings are to inspire cultural awakening through contemporary art and bring forth positive energy and confidence to the post-pandemic era, whilst rekindling hope and fostering a conducive social environment.
Chinese Doctors Movie Premiere in Macau
Together with Bona Film Group and A Really Happy Film (HK) Ltd., MGM hosted the first gala premiere outside mainland of anti-pandemic movie “Chinese Doctors” at the MGM Theater. The film is based on real stories about the pandemic outbreak in Wuhan in early 2020, when the frontline medical workers and the citizens joined hands and fought against the pandemic. MGM invited local medical staffs to the premiere as a token of appreciation to their efforts in safeguarding the city.
“Fight for a Hundred Years and Set Sail on a New Journey” Movie Poster Exhibition
Commemorating the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), a movie poster exhibition themed “Fight for a Hundred Years and Set Sail on a New Journey” was officially unveiled this afternoon at the MGM Art Space. The exhibition was co-organized by the Department of Publicity and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR and the Macau Positive Energy Association. With the courtesy of Mr. Gao Wei, a collector of patriotic movie posters, the exhibition showcased a collection of 107 authentic movie posters glorifying the splendid 100 years’ history of the CPC and the historic development carved out by the PRC.