Signature dish 招牌菜 Vegetarian 素食 Spicy 辛辣 所有價目以澳門幣計算及已包括 5%政府稅和需另加 10%服務費 All prices are inclusive of 5% government tax in MOP and subject to 10% service charge ALL DAY BREAKFAST 全日早餐 58 TWO EGGS ANY STYLE Eggs your way, served with pork sausage, crispy bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, tomato and asparagus 農場雙蛋 (煎、烚或炒蛋) 伴豬肉腸、脆煙肉、炸薯餅、蘑菇、蕃茄及蘆筍 OMELETTE Plain or with mushroom, peppers, tomato, cheese and ham served with hash brown, mushrooms, tomato and asparagus 雙蛋奄列 蘑菇、彩椒、蕃茄、芝士及火腿伴薯餅、焗蘑菇、 焗蕃茄及蘆筍 EGGS FLORENTINE Poached eggs served with spinach and Hollandaise sauce 佛羅倫斯菠菜水波蛋 伴菠菜及荷蘭蛋黃醬 EGGS BENEDICT Poached eggs served with ham and Hollandaise sauce 班尼迪蛋 伴火腿及荷蘭蛋黃醬 EGGS ROYALE Poached eggs served with cured salmon and Hollandaise sauce 經典皇家三文魚水波蛋 伴普洱醃三文魚及荷蘭蛋黃醬