如您有任何特殊的飲食要求,食物過敏或食物不耐症,請告知我們的員工 Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or food intolerances 所有價錢以澳門幣計算及另加 10% 服務費 All prices are in MOP and subject to 10% service charge 金殿堂推介 Imperial Court Recommendation 素菜 Vegetarian 辛辣 Spicy 廚師推介 Chef’s Recommendation 粵式片皮米鴨(兩食) 全隻 who l e Roasted duckling served with steamed pancake and traditional condiment, 680 Guangdong style (2 ways to prepare) 蒜香家常炒法國藍龍蝦(約重 600 克) 例 s tandard Wok-fried Franch blue lobster with minced pork, 800 black bean and garlic (Approx. 600g) 海膽鮮蟹肉炒蛋白 例 s tandard Scrambled egg white with sea urchin and crab meat 360 罐燜牛肝菌澳洲和牛面脥 例 s tandard Braised Australian wagyu beef cheek with porcini mushroom in casserole 398 大千爆蝦球 例 s tandard Sautéed prawns with chili and shallot 280 鮑魚皇湯雞絲羹 每位 person Braised South African abalone and shredded chicken 238 with saffron reduction and chicken broth, Beijing style 脆釀鮮蟹蓋 每位 person Golden crab shell stuffed with crab meat and cream sauce 180 吊燒鴨肝金錢雞 例 s tandard Barbecued duck liver and pork skewers 140