如您有任何特殊的飲食要求,食物過敏或食物不耐症,請告知我們的員工 Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements, food allergies or food intolerances 所有價錢以澳門幣計算及另加 10% 服務費 All prices are in MOP and subject to 10% service charge 金殿堂推介 Imperial Court Recommendation 百搭汁燉官燕 ( 可選配冰糖 、 紅棗 、 杏汁或椰汁 ) 每位 per person Doubled boiled superior bird’s nest with your choice of 488 Rock sugar, dried red date, almond cream or coconut milk 特色芒果布甸配新鮮芒果伴椰子雪芭及薄脆 每位 per person Chilled mango custard and fresh mango, 60 coconut sorbet and tuile 雪膠合桃露湯圓 每位 per person Sweetened walnut soup with snow gum and sesame glutinous dumpling 60 香芒楊枝甘露 每位 per person Chilled cream sago with mango and pomelo 50 生磨杏汁撞蛋白 每位 per person Sweetened almond cream with egg white 50 無花果櫻桃布甸 每位 per person Chilled cherry pudding with fig 48 香芒蝴蝶酥 Baked mango puff pastry in butterfly shape 50 流沙竹炭小天鵝 Crispy-fried taro pastry with salted egg yolk 50 朱古力奶茶包 Steamed bun with milk tea and chocolate 42 杞子蜂蜜龍井茶糕 Chilled green tea honey pudding 42 香滑芝麻卷 Sweetened black sesame roll 42 鳳凰雞蛋撻 Chinese egg custard tart 42 精美甜點 Sweet Selection